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Business Management Tools: Get the Most Out of What You Do

Smart Start Helps You Achieve Greater Success

With the Dentrix Smart Start Bundle, new Dentrix users receive an expert trainer and coach who will guide you from your purchase through successful implementation by providing: in-office or remote consultation and training; guided online learning modules and assessments; and expert coaching to build your Dentrix competency.

Don't Go It Alone

With a wealth of experience, our coaches know the software and provide great tips and tricks for increasing profitability.

Zero in on KPIs

Your Smart Start coach will help you identify and focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will most benefit your specific practice. As you improve KPIs, you help improve your business.

Report Analysis

Turning the reports and analytics from your practice management software into action can be difficult. Your coach will help you interpret the data and know how to use it.

Experienced Advice

With experience in both our software and business management, your Smart Start coach will help you increase your office efficiencies and productivity, and recognize exactly where to make changes to bolster the success of your practice.

Run your Business as Well as you Run your Practice

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Reduce Guesswork and Make a Plan of Action

In business, we’re always thinking about where we can go and how we can grow – but first, we must take stock of where we’ve been. With the Practice Advisor Report, Dentrix helps you know where you stand and how to improve.

What's Included
in this Solution

Through the Smart Start coaching you learn how to leverage your Dentrix system to improve your practice and your bottom line.

See Where You Stand

Dentrix gives you access to many ready and customizable reports, helping you take stock of your business and see where you can improve.

Target Your Efforts

Tailored advice from the Practice Advisor Report and the Smart Start coaching, helps you know where to focus your improvement efforts to maximize your profits and overall practice efficiency.

Develop Your Team

The easily accessible reports in Dentrix help you share information and get your team on the same page so you can work together to streamline and grow your practice.


Daily Huddle Report

This report shows your practice’s daily schedule as well as a snapshot of the previous day’s analytics. Huddle together with your team and use its information to set and track focused goals.

Dentrix Practice Advisor

Using Dentrix Practice Advisor is like hiring a business expert. It packages production and collections data into concise, easy-to-read reports to help you prepare for daily productivity.

Smart Start Bundle

With the Dentrix Smart Start Bundle, new Dentrix users receive an expert trainer and coach who will guide you from your purchase through successful implementation.

Dentrix Management Reports

You can’t just feel things out and hope to improve. That’s why Dentrix offers regular reporting on your practice’s analytics, which will help you focus your efforts.

Jarvis Analytics

Turn your practice management data into actionable insights with Jarvis Analytics – the most complete dental analytics platform. Our powerful tools and dashboards will improve your decision making and performance.